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Emcee Beauty has over 100+ shades in all shades and tones that are handcrafted and blended in small batches. These lipsticks are of three different textures: Matte, Creamy & Normal.
We will send you an email once your order has been accepted/confirmed and once when your order has been shipped, you will receive another email with your tracking link for the package. In case you have not received any link within 5 days of your order, please email us on with subject “TRACKING LINK FOR ORDER NO. ______”.
2 years from the date of pkg. The way you keep and maintain them will also have an effect. Please keep in a dark cool place, away from direct sunlight/heat and dust. Also make sure to fully rotate the lipstick down and close the lid tightly till you hear a click sound. Our lipstick packaging is mostly aluminium, so it would be much safer and cleaner than lipsticks with plastic packaging.
No, our lipsticks aren't water-proof or smudge-proof. Our lipstick formulas are designed to be soft and smooth when applied instead of your lips feeling dry and cracked. After all, who wants a dry cracked red lip?
All our lipsticks last upto 8 hours, depending on the shade. Dark and bright shades like reds, maroons, bright pinks, dark browns etc will last a bit longer than the lighter shades like nudes, soft pink/peach and light brown. However, our lipsticks are richly pigmented and basically are loaded with intense color. There will be a one swipe smooth application with rich pigment. Our lipsticks are so smooth and creamy that you won’t think twice before touching up the color.
Yes! We love our cute furry friends dearly.
Customised lipsticks is a one of a kind, very unique experience that allows you to be 100% involved in making and designing your very own lipstick. You can customise everything, from the color, undertone, texture, fragrance and even give it a unique name. You can now customise a perfect red or a perfect everyday nude shade according to YOUR skin tone and preference. Our aim is to provide a one of a kind experience to our customers’ most favourite makeup item!
We normally ship within 1-2 business days. After shipment, the average time for delivery is 2-5 business days. If you live inside of a major city, then 2-3 business days is normal. If you live up to 100 km outside of a major city, then plan for 3-5 business days. Farther than 100 km outside of a major city may take 5-7 business days. If your order has not been delivered within 10 days of placing it, then please write to us on with the subject “SHIPMENT FOR ORDER NO.______ NOT RECEIVED”
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Since our products are topical, we can’t accept any returns. In case you receive a wrong product, damaged product, or have an issue with our shipping please immediately send us an email on within 24 hours of delivery of the product with the following details: Order Number; Name of the product received; Date of delivery of the product; Nature of damage and/or defect; Color photographs of the product that clearly indicate and illustrate the damage/defect. Subject to receipt of the above information within the specified period, Emcee Beauty may replace the product to your satisfaction. All of our products are tailor-made for you and made with extreme caution, love and care, we’re confident you’ll love them!