GET YOUR MINI SHADES SAMPLER KIT for just Rs. 299/- Introductory Price, Hurry!


When life gives you lipsticks, mix them up to create shades anew! And Emcee is one of the few organic lipsticks brand in India that lets you make your own lipstick. In today’s day and age, when a plethora of choices embraces us to create the lives we want for ourselves, this experimental and fun exercise is designed to complement the lifestyle we deserve.


Here are THREE solid reasons why we think you should totally try out creating your own personalised lip shade already.


  1. Refuse to settle for what is available.


In life as in lipsticks, you are usually given a set of options to choose from. But what if you could get out of that box and flirt with new-found inspiration?


If you think hard, you will hit a wall or you will create new opportunities for yourself with the resources you have in front of you. The same goes for your choice of natural and organic lipsticks, you do not settle for a Pink lip shade if you want a mix of Pink and Brown. And amongst the popular cosmetic brands in India, Emcee has already found a space in so many hearts because of its unique custom lipstick making option.


  1. Get creative with your life.


 The pandemic has been a huge lesson for us to take a moment from our busy lives to appreciate the little things, reconnect with our hobbies or find new ones, and get all pumped up with high-flowing creative energy. Thus, this custom lipstick making option on our website completely agrees with that philosophy. You have got to shake up the monotonous ring to life by creating new benchmarks for personal freedom and excitement. Well then, how about you start with this new quirky addition to your life and make your own lipstick in the easiest way possible? Just like your personality, your lipsticks too do not have to be one-dimensional in their style. Play around a bit and suck out all the hues of joy to bring newer shades to light.


  1. Set preferences and meet them.



We are probably on the same page as Ariana Grande when she sings ‘I want it, I got it’, internally. But we get complacent as the rat race smothers us often with its time-bound deadlines making us feel exhausted on the go. Hell, no! In this age of dating apps and pizza toppings on the Swiggy menu where preferences are key to getting what you would like to have, why should lipsticks stay behind? In making your own custom, natural, and organic lipsticks from this one-of-a-kind cosmetic brand in India; go all the way: decide whether you would want long lasting matte lipsticks or prefer the texture as crème based. Moreover, you get to choose the fragrance of your custom lipstick from the drop-down box replete with noteworthy options. You have all the freedom while indulging in the art of lipstick making! And it does not get crazier than this.


 Therefore, fool around a little and you might stumble upon magic.