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Psst…you do not need to scratch your brains out over the perfect make-up tutorial to pull off a gorgeous look this festive season. A few hacks with the right makeup and the best lipstick shades can win the day!

We know you love to paste your glance on a Sabyasachi outfit while scrolling down your Instagram feed. And good heavens, who would not want to look drop dead gorgeous just like those picture-perfect models and the sass they so effortlessly carry! It is the #storyofourlives. BUT scooch over, we are here to help you claim your gorgeous #festivelookoftheyear with extremely simple but smart moves! 


Let’s help you slay it like fire with these six tricks to power up your Diwali Diva styling.

1. Orange is the new rad

It is a universal truth in fashion that you CANNOT go wrong with Red lipstick and that too while pulling off a festive look. But we have saved a small idea from Priyanka Chopra’s vivacious Orange lip colour look (check her Instagram if you have not already) for you this Diwali. This lip shade can complement your attires which are mostly in pastel shades. You can easily wear this colour during the day as it only enhances the overall radiance on your face, but you can also continue with the long-lasting matte lipstick of the same shade during the evening. You can go for a dewy makeup finish using a foundation that matches your skin tone while you add a flush to your cheeks. Use an eyeshadow stick across your eyelid and line your upper lash with mascara. You can drop the eyeliner for this look as your eyes already look stunning with the effect of the mascara and the fresh dewy look. Without a doubt, you look like you are freshly out of a dream!

2. Rocking the ‘nude’!

If you love nude lip colours, we love Radhika Apte too! 


Yes, thinking ‘nude’ lipsticks instantly made us think about Apte’s simple yet dazzling looks often achieved with pinks and pale browns. Contrary to popular imagination, not everyone feels comfortable pulling off a nude lipstick shade with confidence. If you plan on wearing something flamboyant this Diwali, how about complementing the attire with the “less is more” attitude in terms of makeup? Just use a light foundation that enhances the glow on your face. Fill in your brows with Mascara. Wear one of the best lipstick shades from our collection of nude shades and slay the runway look like a diva! 

3. The Bold and the Bombshell

We are strictly against the burning of crackers, but you looking like a bombshell is quite natural, Diwali or no Diwali! Flattery much? No, we mean it. Why hide that “Baby, you’re a firework” spell you embody already! You know what, highlight the high points of your face and contour the hollows of your cheeks. Wing it with the eyeliner? Yes. Give it that Desi retro effect if you are in the mood for it. Add volume to your lashes and wear a gorgeous lip shade from our collection such as Rich Pink or Red Alert.

Go on then, slay the festive look with Emcee Beauty lipsticks that reveal the diva in you instantly. You can also create a unique and custom lipstick online to complement your outfit for this festive look on our website in the ‘customize’ section. We would love to hear about your experience. Happy slaying, queens!