GET YOUR MINI SHADES SAMPLER KIT for just Rs. 299/- Introductory Price, Hurry!



It is a party in your purse when a series of affordable and the best lipstick shades come together in one crazy celebration of a pack. Say hi to your ready-to-slay-anytime makeup essentials in the form of our exquisite range of stunning MINI lip shades that come in four different sets. 


Here are the three reasons to affirm why Minis are your hottest match in this season! 


They are the wolf-pack that sticks together in your wild adventures.

This exclusive collection of lipsticks go where YOU go: to the deep stretches of the forests, trek trails, while you rest your Buddha mind and body at a café in the distant hills or a sudden road trip that has uncertainty written all over the map. These little fireworks of style add natural ‘Lightroom’ effects to your selfies and paint a whole mood to your cascading Beat personality. They are perfectly designed to fit the glamourous side of your dreamscapes and make for a reliable set of online organic and natural lipsticks you can find from the popularly known cosmetic brands in India.


The absolute instant day-and-night touch up!


Sometimes, we blend into the cacophony of work assignments and meetings back-to-back without having the escape room to switch to a different style. One outfit from the morning to late nights, what if you feel like being a Loius Lane in the daytime and Wanda Maximoff during the evening? Throw on some mascara and wing your eyeliner while you don the suave lady-like pair of formals with just an instant lip shade switch-up; a peachy mood for the day and something sultry for the night, keeping up with the cliché (or not). Alternatively, dabble with a rich cherry pink or plum tone during the day for a change maybe? Whatever suits your mood and off you go, set the stage on fire!


Neither clingy, nor needs space! This seductive stoicism of shades.


While online dating becomes the norm with social distancing (and ermm, emotional too) …you ought to make sure your investments are self-nourishing. Wear all the colours that scream out loud what a piece of fire you are! Swipe lip shades while you rest on the like-minded lot and embrace your wild heart. This beautiful collection of stimulating expressions is designed to suit the modern Indian woman not ready to settle for anything less than a combination of comfort, style, and authenticity. 


Hope that resonates with you and your lifestyle ebbs and flows. With this collection, we wanted our customers to have a blast of selected shades in an affordable range of online organic and natural lipsticks that could also be a superb idea for gifting you could get from the popular brands in India. And needless to say, the response is overwhelming! Let us know how you feel about our Minis, they are action-packed with a lot of heart woven into a thought.