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Sweater Weather Shenanigans: 5 Winter Hacks for Glowing Skin!


The world seems like a happy pajama party during winters but be mindful of keeping your skin hydrated and lips moisturized with the right lip balm and your preferred cruelty-free makeup because of course, ‘tis the season of partying and getting all dolled up!


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However, remember that while you wear makeup, it is quite common for your lips and skin to turn dry during winters. So, we would like to help you out with a few hacks that can keep your skin glowing and your lips soft and smooth.


It does not matter if you are lazy about skincare rituals or make-up either because these simple tips require the bare minimum efforts.

1.Mind your diet!

Your diet determines a large part of your skin health. And that includes cutting down your caffeine intake too. It is important to stay hydrated and therefore, drinking water is fundamental besides making that salad bowl your best friend. Moreover, make sure that you add foods rich in antioxidants to your diet such as walnuts. 


2.Play the villain to your anxiety.

Are you aware of the problems of not keeping a lip balm handy during winters? The most common one being licking your lips to the point of madness which only makes matters worse. Your lips are already dry and flaky during this time and without a lip balm or richly nourishing organic and natural lipstick that you can pick from your preferred online brand in India easily, there is not much help other than using coconut oil to dab on your lips and massaging gently. This is anyway a good lip-care ritual.

3.Antioxidant Serum to the rescue!

Irrespective of the weather, your skin is likely to get attacked by free radicals. Whether you use cruelty-free makeup or natural and organic lipstick from a particular brand in India, you should choose an antioxidant serum which is alcohol free. You can apply a Vitamin C formula before applying any make-up as well as a good sunscreen that will keep the moisture in your skin intact.

4.Limit the rinse time to five minutes

We cannot stress enough on how soothing a warm shower feels during winters. Indeed, it is therapeutic. However, hot water only intensifies the surface dehydration. So, make sure that you use lukewarm water instead. 


5.The importance of choosing a face cream

Get rid of lotions for your face and commit to a face cream instead which are made with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides soothe the skin from being easily flaky during winter. Also, stick to a night skin cream routine which you can apply every night before bedtime.

We hope you take good care of your skin this sweater weather and have fun basking in the winter sun!