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Life is too short to settle for a lack of variety. Be it with your outfits, organic lipsticks, or choices that determine the course of your freedom as an independent woman in India. And when it comes to the question of variety, you would want to invest in quality natural lipsticks and makeup products but then the prices get high as hell considering the competitive market in India.


BUT if you know where to look, you find the best blend of variety, quality, and price all packed into one. Yes, at Emcee Beauty, we believe in bringing to you not just natural and organic lipsticks but making them available as a range of affordable lipsticks you would otherwise have to struggle to find in India. So, here are three of our most loved and popular signature lipsticks you would absolutely delight in as they complement the Venusian beauty that you already are.


      • 1.RED ALERT



The only lipstick that screams HOT as loudly as possible. With our carefully curated ‘Red Alert’ lipstick, you soak up all the attention in the room just like that. You can wear it with a plain White tee as effortlessly as you would wear it with your little black dress for a girls’ night out! Created with natural ingredients and essential oils, these sensational lipsticks are made for the unapologetic modern Indian woman you are. Claim your personal power and let Alicia Keys sing out loud in the background ‘This girl is on fire!’


      • 2.DIRTY



Get brown and dirty! This gorgeous organic lipstick is a flamboyant Brown which is suited perfectly for Indian skin. In India, women have battled the complexities of prejudices while holding on to the re-examined identities of womanhood in the modern context and it goes without saying that this does not happen without offending a bunch of outdated beliefs. Our ‘Dirty’ is all forms of this kind of a fierce battle with age-old systems to arrive at the new politics of feminine identity! This is for the power woman who does not shy away from making some noise with her bold choices.


      • 3.NUDE FEVER



Amongst all our online bespoke lipsticks, this rich shade remains one of the most popular nude shades from our signature collection complementing your ‘getting back in the game’ during the (almost) post-Pandemic life in India. Team it up with your ethnic wear or boho dresses and let it add to your subtle grace. Indeed, how perfectly it goes with your daytime look! No wonder, it is called ‘Nude Fever’ for a reason. You can also wear it with your party outfits that are more on the blingy side as this nude hottie balances out the brightness with its sensual subtlety.


So, what do you pick? We say, the more the merrier! There is absolutely no dearth of options when it comes to our collection as it contains lipsticks for all ages, skin tone, and personalities. These online lipsticks are pocket-friendly and uber stylish, giving you the best of quality, price, and yeah, vanity!