GET YOUR MINI SHADES SAMPLER KIT for just Rs. 299/- Introductory Price, Hurry!


Have you ever scoured the whole world (wide web) looking for the best lipstick shades that match your personality to the dot? If yes, we have got your back. You can now make your own custom lipstick online with three easy steps on our website. 



Remember that you need to know your skin tone well because this is the basis on which your colour selection and its compatibility with your skin tone HUGELY depends while creating your best bespoke lipstick shades. Once you are done selecting your skin tone correctly from the options on our customization page, you can proceed towards selecting up to four shades from the colour palette that has a mix of lighter to deeper tones of colours. In order to create that perfect shade, you can use a mix of darker and lighter shades to maintain the balance and intensity of the shades. 

Boy, that was easy and quite cool. Isn’t it? Let us now move on to the second step!

Here you can use the slider to adjust the intensity of each of the colours that you have picked in order to make your own custom lipstick online based on your preference. 


Sometimes, it so happens that we stumble upon a shade that feels like the ‘Aha’ moment or ‘this is it’, THE ONE shade that is spell-binding and you just want it so much BUT you don’t know what shade it is. Either it was worn in your favourite Netflix show by a sultry siren goddess or it was on a random metro ride that someone looked drop-dead gorgeous wearing a particular shade. BUT, hey, NO WORRIES, we have a fix for you.


Just upload a picture of your preferred shade, if you have the image of the exact shade, and WE create your all-new personalised lip shade!


THE THIRD AND THE FINAL STEP…you are so close to getting a dreamy lipstick shade ready…your own super cool creation!

Well. So, here, you get to select the texture for the custom lipstick you are making. From the drop-down menu in the ‘texture’ category, find your match whether it is long lasting matte lipsticks you prefer or the ones with a creamy texture, etc. Enticing, eh! Followed by texture, you can click on the drop-down menu for the ‘fragrance’ category and choose your preferred fragrance. Once this is done, you can give it a name and voila, your lipstick has been personalised. So, does this exercise excite the lipstick-maker in you?


It is quite the happy dance you do while on your way to meeting your one true love amongst the natural custom lipsticks online in India. Apart from that, you can also check out our gorgeous collection of signature lipsticks at our lip lab. Moreover, you can also try out our natural and organic lip balms enriched with essential oils. 


We have a feeling you will love these ravishing and affordable custom lipsticks once you get your hands on them. Just as you fancy, these colours are meant to compliment your sassy personality.