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Femme Fatale And The Iconic Lipstick Shades

We are feeling festive and our excitement has us gathering inspiration from classic Hollywood movies. The inner Cher Horowitz in you cannot tell if it is your custom outfit, lipstick, or your radiance that is sending beams of light around! So, let us get you more good vibes from the silver screen to get you pumped up about your party look ahead.



  • Andrea and her Red lipstick in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’



If you did not rave about Anne Hathaway and how otherworldly she looked in her Black outfit complemented by that killer red lipstick and hard eyeliner in the Paris scene, are you even real? 

Grab a long-lasting liquid matte or go for crème-based lipsticks as per your preference and kiss the Devil goodbye with sass! 


A similar tone you can pick from our collection is ‘Red Alert’.


  • Gloria Wandrous and her Pink lipstick in ‘Butterfield 8’



She must hold many lipsticks in her arms to find the one she could love.


An Earth goddess gleaming in a dewy Pink, Elizabeth Taylor stole the show each time with her natural exuberance. 

Indeed, Pink is your comfort space whether you dress up for a party or sit alone sipping Chardonnay at 3 a.m. listening to some old Punk Rock. You can try getting your own custom lipstick online creating the same shade rather than going on a hunting spree online for lipsticks in your known brands in India


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  • Holly and her mysterious Pink lipstick from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’



It was the talk of the town, that iconic Pink Audrey Hepburn wore with such grace. 

Your daytime party dress can be complemented with the elegance of a Holly Pink which you can get through our custom lipstick online exercise available on our website and choose a texture too whether it is long-lasting matte lipsticks or crème-based ones that you would prefer. 


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  • Lorelei and her Magenta hued lipstick in ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes’



The ultimate showgirl and her seductiveness went leaps and bounds with the gorgeous Magenta lips Marilyn Monroe so effortlessly flaunted.

Whether you intend to wear your hoodies with long boots or a little knitted party dress, this rich and intoxicating beauty gives out the same effect. Get hold of this lipstick online or its version of liquid matte lipsticks from your trusted brands in India. You can skip ordering from outside right now as it is likely to take longer to be delivered due to the Pandemic-relates hassles. 


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  • Mia Wallace’s blood red lipstick in ‘Pulp Fiction’



We do not know what irresistible spark Uma Thurman embodies and that lipstick is fuel to her fire personality!

Perhaps the New Year’s Eve can see you do some Mia Wallace dancing while this sensational lipstick turns heads? Get your own blood red custom lipstick online rather than scourging the internet for similar lipsticks all over from brands abroad or in India.

A similar tone you can pick from our collection is ‘Red Carpet’.