GET YOUR MINI SHADES SAMPLER KIT for just Rs. 299/- Introductory Price, Hurry!


Do you ever think of the little things in your everyday life and the way they play out in the grand

scheme of things? We have 60 such little-grand beauties: the best lipstick shades you can find online to steal your hearts away and help you see the real savage queen that you already are! Yes. Say hello to our newest addition of awesomeness: THE MINI SHADE SAMPLER KIT.



MINIs are here to make your life so much better! Here’s how and why.

Little things such as your honest feedback and queries help us to curate the best makeup experience for you. 

This entails our one-of-a-kind ‘create your own custom lipstick online’ procedure too which has received a great response from all our sassy customers as Emcee Beauty lets you make your own lipstick with its fun and super-easy customisation process either on the website or at our lip lab


SO, our Minis are here to play the role of shade samplers which give you the idea of our range of shades and textures even before you invest in them. This helps you try out multiple premium lipstick shades so you can find your best lipstick shade and buy a full size after complete satisfaction!


You can explore and wear some of the best natural lipstick shades in India that you can get your hands on in an ENTIRE RANGE. So, Emcee Minis are power packed with crazy benefits and look damn adorable as well. Quite irresistible, eh! Well, because:

  1. It is a whole set of 10 gorgeous lipstick shades for just Rs. 299/-
  2. All the lipsticks contain natural ingredients that keep your lips moisturised
  3. This also means that you need not worry about your lips feeling dry in winters 
  4. You can carry the Minis in your purse or handbag wherever you go, they take nearly no space!
  5. AMAZING idea for gifting purposes, just make them an add on and see that beautiful smile appear
  6. You can always choose to make your own lipstick through the customisation option available on our website and even at our lip lab in Gurugram, once you sample these Minis


We do have too many experiences to offer you apart from our most online custom lipstick making experience. 


The Minis make you switch colours like a movie star, as we live out of our handbags in the hustle-culture. So, even if it is back-to-back Zoom meetings with clients you need to show up for or long-distance video call meet-ups, you can change your look from boss lady Carrie Bradshaw (‘SATC’) to perfectionist Claire (‘Modern Family’) in the snap of a finger. Fun, right (here is when we write “chuckles”)?

These gorgeous Minis are an extension of the Emcee experience in a nutshell. Just that this nutshell is a *dropping bombs, fiery pop song feels avatar. 


We know you like things beautiful, simple, and super gorgeous because you are you: the quintessential high vibe modern woman who runs her life in her own terms and loves dabbling in the dramatic. 


Therefore, Emcee’s are the only natural lipsticks in India that come as cute “little grenades” and act as magic pills for your soul. Get them for our lip lab or head straight to our website.