GET YOUR MINI SHADES SAMPLER KIT for just Rs. 299/- Introductory Price, Hurry!

5 reasons why the Minis are your match!

Is there a thing like ‘too many lipsticks?’ Apparently, the launch of our bombshell Minis is your ticket to owning great affordable lipsticks ALL AT ONCE. They come in six ravishing sets with three textures: Normal, Matte, and Creamy. There are UMPTEEN REASONS WHY they are perfect for you but okay, we will stick with five. Here you go.


  • Meet your true travel partner.



You never know what adventures await you on the other side of anticipation. So, why sober down on the choice of colours to fit…umm…your purse? 


Our Minis are designed to let you have the freedom to carry some of the best organic lipstick shades available online when it comes to choosing affordable lipsticks in India. No matter what clothes you carry or end up wearing on an unplanned trip, you can be sure of having all the best lipstick shades fit perfectly into your pouch to complement your look. Carry 10 or even 20 mini lipsticks and they won’t take up any extra space in your travel bag!



  • Party on your mind?



The party season is here to throw you into a fit of ‘how to ace the look instantly’. So what if you change your mind like you change clothes hopping parties? You now have the option of wearing the best natural lipsticks and all kinds of shades that you can find from amongst any brand in India because they tag along wherever you go without you having to take stuff out of your bag to make room for your cosmetics. So handy that you wish it were your work-life balance! Jk. Own a lipstick to go with every dress in your wardrobe without even going heavy on your pocket!


  • Sample happiness!



You do not have to struggle with entertaining which lipsticks to buy based on your budget issues anymore as you can get multiple lipsticks now for such a small price. The Minis offer a range of possibilities as natural and affordable lipsticks that are completely purse/pocket-friendly which you can sample before investing on online lipsticks unlike many cosmetic brands in India offer. Try them, before you buy them! 


  • Multiple choice questions answers!



There is no test of trying hard to pick one, two, or just three shades as per your convenience. You get to have your cake and eat it too. No catch 22 situation! The Emcee Beauty Minis are a beautiful set of ravishing natural lipsticks delighting in three textures- Matte, Creamy and Normal that you can experiment with as much as you want. Go loud or choose subtle; better yet, mix and match! The best part is you get to swap lip shades and make your own set of the best lipstick shades.



  • Best gift at lowest price!



Scratching your head for gifting ideas? This is your cue. These Minis as one of the very few online lipsticks in India, are on a rampage to set this season on fire for all the right reasons. 

So, without further ado, tap on your true colours of spark on our website to get these beauties or visit any of our stores for your cup of good cheers this month of joy!