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Have you observed how sometimes you see your favourite personalities pull off the best lipstick shades flawlessly, but somehow get a tad bit disappointed when YOU wear it? 


Well, it is not always about the lip colour, it is about how you wear it. 


We have gathered some understanding around this thought and curated three sure-shot ways for you to wear your lip colour with panache! 


      1. EXFOLIATE and moisturize


Yeah, it all boils down to the skincare. No number of fancy cosmetics can bring you the happiness your self-care does. Just like you exercise or engage in yogic asanas to keep the energy flowing through your chakra system and maintain a balance between mind-body-soul, your lips and skin demand the same attention and patience. 


Be mindful of your lips and remember to gently exfoliate at least twice a week. Emphasis on ‘gently’, here. This helps you get rid of the dead skin and nourishes your lips so that when you wear lip colour, your lips do not look flaky or dry. 


There are plenty of ways in which you can make a scrub of course but the quickest and the easiest one is to mix sugar and honey, massage it on your lips and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with water. 


Moreover, keep a lip balm handy no matter where you are. Goes without saying.


      2. Every lipstick demands a different approach

If you have normal to dry lips, you will want to apply a little lip balm (without tint) before wearing a matte lipstick. Similarly, if your lip colour is cream based, go easy on the lip balm or skip it altogether. Apart from that, do you have the habit of applying lipstick on a rush, like, at the last moment before stepping out? And it makes you end up colouring the lips outside the outline. Yes, we have all been there. This hasty exercise seems to be a difficult one especially while applying liquid matte lipsticks because you cannot even wipe them off easily as you do with your other bespoke, long lasting matte lipsticks. Yeah, the struggle is real and time-consuming.  So, naturally, a lip liner is your saviour during those times as it helps you to apply lipstick evenly that does not leave you looking like Joker from ‘Batman’.


      3. Not Halloween, do not bleed!


You would not want to look like a hungry vampire on the loose with that extra cream based or glossy lip colour oozing out of your lips. So, blot it out. Moreover, you can use some translucent powder, just dab it on your lips while wearing your best bespoke lipstick shades cream based or glossy lip colour. Not too much though that it ends up looking like matte! 

We hope the next time you wear your favourite lip colours; it looks as flawless and sassy on you as you see your favourite role-models carry it on movies and shows. Go slay, queen!