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It is quite common for us to get wary of cosmetic products even though we use them regularly, based on our curiosity about the chemicals it contains. Nowadays, vegan makeup or organic lipsticks in India attract more eyeballs than a few years ago because of the consciousness the target audience has developed. However, not even vegan makeup or organic lipsticks in India are free of chemicals that guarantee them a considerable shelf-life although these chemicals could include ingredients either natural or artificial and it depends how they impact our skin health based on the chemical compounds they are made of.


  • Firstly, even water is a chemical and if one drinks up two gallons of water at once, he/she might be in trouble. So, it totally depends on the amount of chemicals present in the cosmetic product that is used to restore skin health and it is up to the customer to do the required research before jumping the gun to buy a brand that claims it is a hundred percent chemical free product. 



This applies to products that call themselves vegan, natural, and organic as well. There is a huge number of organic lipsticks, cruelty-free makeup, and vegan makeup products in India nowadays that we tend to pick up without examining the ingredients and the chemical breakdown of them because of just the labels but that approach needs to be checked if you want to have a clear idea on what you are applying on your skin. 



  • There is a misconception about makeup being a modern-day invention when it is clearly NOT. Seen the Durga Puja idols of Goddess Durga wearing thick kohl in her eyes? The black colour used to have a spiritual meaning, that of repelling negative energies. Even women in Ancient Egypt used kohl, a substance containing powdered galena (lead sulphide—PbS) to darken their eyelids. Moreover, the great Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk to whiten and soften her skin.



So, chemicals have always been part of makeup or even cruelty-free makeup long before there was a makeup industry but the doses of potentially dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics are way too small to pose a threat to the health of your skin. The key ingredient present in most cosmetics include water, preservatives, emulsifiers, colours, moisturisers, and fragrances. 


  • The use of preservatives in cosmetic products is more important than you think as they maintain the product’s health by stopping any bacteria or microorganism from growing in it easily. Even essential oils in your cruelty-free makeup, natural lipsticks, or your favourite lip balm that you find online in India use preservatives, artificial or natural, based on the requirement. Dehydroacetic Acid and Benzyl Alcohol are both organic compounds which are accepted for use in natural cosmetics, offering a broad spectrum of stability at a wide range of pH.


So, you see, chemicals are not necessarily BAD the way people get scared of them? As a conscious customer, it is important that you read the ingredients and the doses used before purchasing a product. As a cosmetic brand, Emcee is mindful of ensuring that the customers have a safe and nourishing experience with our range of gorgeous natural lipsticks and lip balm sets that are made with hundred percent care.