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Have you ever seen a diva in all her raw and undying gorgeousness while donning one of her best lipstick shades?

If not, then look at the mirror right now (LOL). Well, you are likely to receive many such cheesy pick-up lines if you happen to wear the lip shade that feels so “meant for you”. And when these come from women in the washroom at a pub or in your office space, it is quite flattering. 

Some lipsticks are like the secret sorcery that compliments you as if you were the brand ambassador of effortless sass! From signature shades to cruelty-free custom lipstick online, we have got you innumerable options to indulge in. So, you can always make your own lipstick now and have fun with it!

We have noticed how there are a few dominant colours that have become the friend and confidante of women over the years and never cease to ooze charm incessantly. Here are five of them listed from our collection at Emcee for your quick make-up hacks.


         1.RED CARPET

The exceptional in you cannot settle for “regular”!

The name itself is the signifier of the value it upholds. Truly iconic and a showstopper, this sultry and sensational lip shade, a boss lady so endearingly wears. You throw anything Black for an outfit with this lip shade and looks like you are exuding smouldering hot “diva is the female version of a hustler” vibes everywhere.

From a regular day at office to meetings to weddings, this shade is a slayer! Oh, ever seen Anne Hathaway don a Red lip shade in ‘The Devil wears Prada’? It is a classic winner.


        2.NUDE FEVER

Ever so poised and perfect!

There are times you want to wear minimal make-up as your naturally radiant skin is all the goddess-like glory you already embody. This mellow shade from our lip lab can compliment such a mood amplifying your elegance two-fold. Not to forget that ours is all about cruelty-free makeup and the lipsticks are enriched with moisturising properties that keep the suppleness of your lips intact. So, be it the shade or its function, it's all about being mindful and keeping it simple.

Perfect for an afternoon-outing or an evening-date.


Do we ever dare to skip Blair when it is fashion we are talking?

Anyone here a fan of ‘Gossip Girl’? This captivating shade is without a doubt one of the best lipstick shades. It carries such an air of heightened elegance and sophistication to it. It is a clever mix of Brown and Red tint effectively channelling the fashionista in you whether it is a party you are attending or a party you are hosting. It has that intoxicating spell to it! 

You would be delighted to know that you can make your own lipstick too by just visiting our lip lab or our website and get mixing  four or less shades to create your own custom lipstick online